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Blind dog? Get Muffin’s Halo!

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

By Kelly

In October 2017, my Dalmatian-Lab-Border Collie, Kanna, ran into the corner of the wall and gashed an area just under her eye. We rushed her to the emergency vet, got her patched up and found that she was slowly going blind, due to an unavoidable, hereditary condition.

Fast forward a year, and her decline sped up suddenly. She wasn’t just nudging a wall every now and then, she was full on walking into things constantly, despite us baby proofing the entire house best we could. After another trip to the emergency vet, we decided the bumping-into-things couldn’t continue and looked online for a solution.

That’s when we found Muffin’s Halo, a unique product Silvie Bordeaux created for her toy Poodle, Muffin, because she couldn’t find the product she needed already on the market.

This three-piece, detachable, dog bumper helps blind dogs navigate their surroundings by protecting their faces when they hit walls, furniture and other objects.

Kanna can wear the Halo for all her activities including eating, sleeping and going to the bathroom. It has a leash attachment as well, but since it goes on with Velcro and she’s a puller, that makes me nervous, so I actually remove it when I take her for walks. But when she wears it to the vet/kennel, the staff there says it, “really helps her so much.”

The Halo comes in the traditionally cute halo style in many colors, as well as butterfly and quarterback styles. (I like that Silvie has a little whimsy in her product.) We went with solider-camo style, because it seemed the coolest.

This product is an absolute miracle. It’s not especially cheap, but worth it when you consider you could be making multiple trips to the emergency room instead. It’s also durable and it works.

I can’t recommend this product enough! And no. I got no perks for writing this post. I just really really love the product and wanted to share.

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