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Updated: Nov 9, 2019

By Kelly

How could this tiny house-restaurant possibly have a rooftop bar, you might ask? Exactly.

Not only is this the best place to watch the Round Rock bats (from under McNeil bridge), it’s also the best rooftop bar in Round Rock.

How the heck do I get there?

It’s easy. You just drive past Urban Eat Drink in Downtown Round Rock keeping it on your right, then, depending on which street you’re coming from, you turn right or just continue past it and then take a left into a free parking garage. Then you walk back up to the street and take a left, following the street until it dead ends into a strange office building that doesn’t look like it could possibly be right and take the elevator inside up to the top floor. Then you’ve found the Urban Rooftop, even though it's not remotely attached, or even very near, Urban Eat Drink, of which I have never eaten or even stepped inside, yet I have been to its supposed rooftop twice.

You’re right. It's actually not easy at all, but totally worth the trek if you can get there. It’s a huge open space that’s way up high with lots of seating, good drinks and, usually, live music. The last time I went, I saw Jefferson Clay who was kinda amazing.

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