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Second seasons of shows to watch

Updated: May 16, 2022

I’ve watched several second seasons this month, and here are my recommendations:

Bridgerton, season two: Maybe watch it, if you don’t mind that the amazing lead from season one is totally gone, and they basically copy the Pride & Prejudice dynamic for the romance instead of coming up with something new. It is nowhere near as fresh or exciting as season one, but still fun.

Flight Attendant, season two: Watch it. It’s just as good as season one, if not better, because Cassie is much less of a mess.

Sanditon, season two: Season one is worth a watch, but the second is predictable, since it steals a whole love-triangle storyline from Pride & Prejudice. Also, like Bridgerton, the lead from season one left the show, but he was written off clumsily here. But I don’t blame him at all for leaving this show to star in The Time Traveler’s Wife, which is destined to be the best show ever. Because, of course, he did.

What about you, readers? What second seasons of shows do you recommend?

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