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3 Favorite Gadgets from Amazon

By Kelly

I’ve been enjoying “best gadgets on Amazon” posts lately, so I decided to write my own. Here are my three favorite ever:

1. Car-seat cover for workouts. Though I used to do it often, I hate showering at the gym. Aside from being totally awkward to shower in public, it’s hard to remember everything you need to take an effective shower. Often, my gym showers lacked conditioner, soap or even a towel. One day I thought, “I’d work out more if I didn’t have to shower at the gym. I wish there were something I could use to protect my car seat from sweat, so I could drive home and shower.” So, on a whim, I searched Amazon for “car-seat cover for workouts.” I was delighted to find that not only did this thing exist, there were tons of them! So I picked the cheapest one, and it’s been my favorite Amazon purchase ever since. Honorable mention: I also love this car-seat cover my mom bought me to keep dog hair off my seats.

2. Book weight for exercise. I used to read Harry Potter with my phone on the elliptical, but Kindle Unlimited has gotten a lot more expensive while its selection has shrunk (and e-books now cost more than paperbacks. When did this happen?), so I dropped it. That made me want something I could use to hold my book open on the elliptical. Again, I wasn’t sure this thing existed when I turned to Amazon, and I had no idea what to search. I think I typed “something to hold my book open on the elliptical” and found two of them: one big and one small. Apparently they’re called “book weights”, and they’re totally worth the small investment.

3. Belt-hanger. This belt-hanger was actually given to me by a friend and I put belts on it, but one day, when I struggled to untangle 20 necklaces so I could wear just one to a wedding, I realized I never wear necklaces because it’s not (usually) worth my time to untangle them. Then I realized I had a belt hanger in my closest that would just as easily work as a necklace hanger. (It’s similar to this.) I couldn’t believe I’d never thought of re-purposing this item before, because belts don’t tangle! Most necklace hangers I've tried topple easily and don’t have a high enough capacity. Anyway, another great investment, since it literally cost me nothing, and I wear necklaces again.

Now for a tangent: While going through my jewelry, I realized I have many earrings but I never wear earrings anymore. And I have two holes in each ear that I used to permanently wear two tiny silver hoops in, but that was high school. Are earrings out? Were they just something we did in the ‘90s that’s now passé? Are future generations gonna look back and be grossed out that people put holes in their ears? I’m already kinda at that point, yet I have a belly ring that doesn’t bother me at all. (I know—totally weird.) Is this a thing, or am I just getting old? Anyway readers, curious for your thoughts. Tell me in your comments!

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