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Netflix Instant Pick of the Week: Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23

By Kelly and Shelby

Recently, we discussed a show on Netflix Instant that we both enjoyed more than we expected: Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23. It’s the story of Midwestern transplant June (Dreama Walker), who moves to New York and gets one of the world’s worst, or possibly best, roommates, the so-called b—, Chloe (Krysten Ritter). And Chloe’s best friend is none other than Dawson Leery himself, James Van Der Beek, who (gamely) plays a fictitious version of himself. Sadly, the show was cancelled by ABC and only has two short seasons, which makes it a breeze to get through on Netflix. These are our reflections:

Kelly: This show is hilarious, from the very first scene, but sometimes you have to suspend a little disbelief. Obviously the fact that one of the lead characters is a b—- is right there in the show’s title, but I don’t understand why Chloe gets away with so much. Sure, she’s cool, skinny, gorgeous, captivating and fun to watch, but would you actually be her friend? I wouldn’t and don’t understand why she’s so loved and even worshiped by other characters in the show. (Though her friendship with James Van Der Beek works for me since they’re both incredibly shallow and selfish.)

But for the non-celebrities of the world, her scams and behavior just seemed inexcusable in a friend. Plus, for a streak it seemed like the creators were attempting not to make her so flat. By the end of the each episode for a while, it seemed she always had a hidden, good reason for her behavior. But soon the creators abandoned that entirely, and she became a random bitch with no reason. I preferred improving Chloe. And I really wished she could’ve become a good person by close of the show, though obviously they weren’t planning on the show ending when it did. The crappiness of the last episode compared to an otherwise stellar show proved that.

Shelby: I agree that Chloe improved for a while there, but maybe when they realized they were going to be cancelled they decided it would be funnier for her just to continue being her bitchy self. I liked her friendship with June. I think they did a good job of crafting that and showing how they influenced each other to sort of meet in the middle. I liked the episodes where June started to wonder if she’d become too much of a bitch like Chloe. And on a purely shallow note, I loved all the clothes in this show. June’s style is more like my own, but I wish I had the moxie to wear some of the things Chloe does!

Kelly: I liked their friendship as well, and I did like that sometimes June learned things from Chloe and not just vice versa. Speaking of Chloe, what was your favorite crazy Chloe moment? Mine was when she took over as editor of “People” to get James the “Sexiest Man Alive” cover by walking in, yelling, firing people who asked questions and drawing genitals on the white board. It made me feel like I could walk into any company and do that if I just had confidence and attitude. I think I’ll try that at “Vogue.”

Shelby: That was my favorite too! That whole episode was delightful, especially how awkward June became when she suddenly found herself attracted to James. Speaking of James, what was your favorite James moment? I loved the whole “Dawson’s Creek” reunion episode and the subsequent intervention by Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

Kelly: It’s so hard to pick. He playing an exaggerated version of himself was the best part of the show and every episode seemed to have some great James stuff. One of my favorites, though, is when he makes a line of Beek jeans that are way too tight and he can barely walk, but he wears them anyway. What about favorite quotes? Mine was about James Van Deer Beek: “I’ve never seen him like this. He hasn’t googled himself in days.”

Shelby: Mine was June after one of James’ and Chloe’s exchanges: “I’m caught in the shallow end of a very dark pool.”

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