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Netflix Instant Battle: Being Human vs. Being Human

By Kelly

I recently watched the first episode of the BBC show Being Human, and instead of watching episode two, decided to watch the first episode of the American-SyFy version of Being Human to compare, since it’s also now available on streaming. I must admit—knowing that this is total blasphemy for some—that I enjoy the American The Office much more than the UK version, though I do appreciate both, so since I wasn’t completely sure about the British Being Human, I decided to give SyFy’s Being Human a try. Though I do appreciate the better story set-up (they show the vampire and werewolf choosing to live together as well as their meeting of the ghost) when the British version was a little more thrown-in the thick of it, I will say I miss the charmingly optimistic ghost Annie (Lenora Crichlow) in the British version, who has been replaced with an American version that just seems whiny. Plus I thought the ghost’s propensity to make a lot of tea for no reason, even though I can’t fathom how a ghost can make tea, was charming. I basically miss that actor’s more superior portrayal of that character overall, already. I also hoped that the werewolf in the American version would be more attractive and less goofy (which was my main problem with the BBC version), but I felt that he too was not as good-looking as I’m accustom to my werewolves being. Also, the vampire in the American version is very bland looking—nowhere near the level of attractiveness of his British counterpart, Aidan Turner, so though I’m having a hard time getting into the show for some reason, I’ve decided the better version of the show goes to the Brits! It’s possible, though, that I just need to watch past the first episodes of both shows to get a really good feel for them, so let me know what you think. Should I keep watching the BBC version? Should I keep watching the SyFy version? Let me know!

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