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Chick Flick Pick: Girls

By Kelly

This weekend, I binged all three seasons of Girls on HBO GO. This edgy, gritty, honest portrayal of millennials struggling through New York City is written and stared-in by Lena Dunham. (It’s loosely based on her own experiences in NYC after college, which are most likely still going on since she’s only 28.)

When I first started watching, I sensed it was non-fiction instantly and wondered what the writer was really like. But I wasn’t too shocked to find that the incredibly witty, shameless lead, who is often letting it all hang out (with some awesome tats), is the real deal. Her voice is so strong I should’ve known!

Anyway, I’m immensely impressed with this more realistic, new-generational take Sex and the City. I’m in love with all the characters, with the exception on of Marnie (Allison Williams). (She’s actually a stuck-up, selfish control freak.) But Hannah (Lena) is a self-proclaimed narcissist, painfully honest and awkward, and totally relatable. Adam (Adam Driver) is awkward but genuine and Jessa (Jemima Kirke) is hard not to love despite all her obvious flaws. It’s like she has her own gravity. Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) is also that girl who says the things that everyone thinks, but no one will say. She’s the Anya of the cast (if you’re smart enough to know that Buffy is the best show ever.)

Overall, I definitely recommend it if you’re going through the HBO selection. I’m totally watching Tiny Furniture next (Dunham’s second feature film which won the best narrative feature prize at SXSW.)

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